Join us October 11 from 8:00-9:15 p.m. ET, for this LIVE online program as Donita King discusses Practical Application of Intuitive Skills in Today’s World.
Today’s world inundates us with text messages, phone calls, emails, social media, and constant news alerts. Our society has put us to the test in trying to master the balance of daily work and family demands, all while attempting to maintain our physical, mental, and emotional health. Combined with the post-Covid effects of isolation, political and cultural tensions, and economic pressures, most people are struggling to manage and maintain “balance”.
In this webinar, intuitive practitioner and A.R.E. Board Member Donita King will share how she has utilized her intuitive skills to enhance her personal and professional life. She will discuss the various methods and uses for intuitive skills, and how to tailor them to our personal needs. Decision-making, relationship-building, scheduling, and personal safety are just a few examples of the many uses of intuitive skills. Donita will help us better manage our time by accessing these skills, helping to reduce stress and improve our daily decision-making.
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