“Aura” is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “a subtly pervasive quality or atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing.” In the metaphysical field, an aura is the vibrating field of energy that pulses around and through the body. We have seen religious renditions of this in paintings where halos are painted around a holy person’s head. (The aura being white in this case.) An “aura” is also sometimes described as a field of electromagnetic energy that permeates and surrounds every living organism.It is believed that while surrounding the body, the aura serves to protect you and that when you are ill or weakened, this shows up in your aura as well as intense emotional states. Some people can see auras with the naked eye. Others can perceive the aura through sensing or “feeling”. Kurlian photography is a method by which the aura can be caught on film.

I do not see auras as some see them – clearly, with color. I can see a colorless energy outline around a person’s body with a tinge of color outlining it, and I can sense energy, but that’s as far as it goes. I have friends who can see a person’s aura and thereby detect illnesses or problems in the body. Many of these friends are healers in the traditional medical field and it makes sense that they would develop this ability. I truly have no interest in developing this ability since I am able to get information in other forms that serves the purpose for performing the mission set for me in this life. There have been, however, a few times when I have used this in connection with my family.

One of the exercises in a workshop given by Carol Ann Liaros involved scanning the body of another with the hand. This was a method in which the participants used their hands, without touching an individual, to detect their partner’s physical condition. I was certain that I would be unable to do this. This is not the first time I was wrong, and it probably won’t be the last. As I scanned the body of my partner, an older male, I detected a change in the energy in the genital area and in his left arm, which indicated to me that something was wrong. I had no problem telling my partner that I detected a problem in the left arm, but I had substantial internal difficulty with telling this gentleman that I detected something wrong in the area of the genitals. I finally summoned up the courage to tell my partner what I “thought” I detected. He revealed that he had fractured his left arm and also had a vasectomy.

As a wife and mother, I found this useful with my husband and children. Especially with my sons when they were very young. A baby can’t tell you when something is wrong or starting to go wrong; they can only cry or fret when they are uncomfortable. I decided to use this technique when diapering or bathing my children, or when they went to sleep. I would simply go to their bedside, usually while they were sleeping, and pass my hand over their bodies without touching them. There were many instances when I detected something might be wrong and knew to look out for signs or take preventive measures. Since my sons were generally healthy, this usually manifested in the detection of colds when they were about to develop, upset stomachs and, in the case of my younger son, early detection of an asthma attack. Sometimes I would use this method on my husband if he didn’t feel well but wasn’t quite sure of the nature of the problem. This usually resulted in suggestions as to what he might look out for, and usually helped. I’m not sure why I selected the time they were sleeping as the best time to do the scanning. I think it was and is because when they are sleeping, they are peaceful and their bodies have shut down on doing other things. For some reason, I felt it was a better time to detect subtle changes. This was particularly true in the case of my younger son. Once in a while he would come to me during the day and say that he didn’t feel well, but couldn’t explain what was wrong. This is unusual for my son because he spoke early and was particularly articulate, especially about physical problems. In point of fact, when he was two years old and I took him to the doctors, they would ask me and I would tell my son to explain to the doctors what was wrong. When he did, the doctors were amazed at how articulate and knowledgeable he was. Once when this occurred, the doctor was so amazed he called in other doctors to “hear this kid”. So, when my son could not explain precisely what was wrong, I would scan his aura with my hand to locate the problem so that I could take precautionary measures.

This was especially helpful when my son developed a kidney stone at the age of 12, and was in great pain. We were in the emergency room and he asked me to help him. I automatically replied that I was getting him help and the doctor would be with him soon, but he said, “No Mom, I mean our way”. A preliminary examination by our family doctor was ambiguous, it was not certain whether he had a kidney stone or appendicitis. That is why we were sent to the emergency ward. After a brief scan, I immediately placed my hand on the area of the kidney and used prayer and healing energy. Within five minutes my son fell asleep on my shoulder. When he went through additional exams, they were still ambiguous, especially since he no longer had the pain. The doctors were leaning toward kidney stones since the urethra was slightly enlarged, but they could not find the stone, even though they caught his urine in the cup with the filtering screen. They released my son and just told us to be alert for certain signs that would indicate there was still a problem, perhaps with his appendix. My son and I just looked at each other in acknowledgment that while the doctors were not completely sure, we were, and we knew we would not be back.