A Practical Application of Intuitive Skills in Today’s World

A Practical Application of Intuitive Skills in Today’s World

Join us October 11 from 8:00-9:15 p.m. ET, for this LIVE online program as Donita King discusses Practical Application of Intuitive Skills in Today’s World.
Today’s world inundates us with text messages, phone calls, emails, social media, and constant news alerts. Our society has put us to the test in trying to master the balance of daily work and family demands, all while attempting to maintain our physical, mental, and emotional health. Combined with the post-Covid effects of isolation, political and cultural tensions, and economic pressures, most people are struggling to manage and maintain “balance”.
In this webinar, intuitive practitioner and A.R.E. Board Member Donita King will share how she has utilized her intuitive skills to enhance her personal and professional life. She will discuss the various methods and uses for intuitive skills, and how to tailor them to our personal needs. Decision-making, relationship-building, scheduling, and personal safety are just a few examples of the many uses of intuitive skills. Donita will help us better manage our time by accessing these skills, helping to reduce stress and improve our daily decision-making.
For more information and to register online, visit: https://ow.ly/OP6i50PR6tb
Intuitive Donita King Teaches Students to Utilize Their Psychic Abilities

Intuitive Donita King Teaches Students to Utilize Their Psychic Abilities

“Donita King is a natural intuitive, having exhibited psychic skills from early childhood. Donita, as a child, received information in dreams, spontaneously “knew” things, and communicated easily with those who had crossed over. Growing up, she quickly learned that outside of her family this was not accepted much less understood, so she kept her abilities to herself and did not pursue training and development until after the completion of law school. She began her studies at the A.R.E. in 1995 after studying Edgar Cayce materials independently since the 1980s. She is a former officer of the Wayshower organization and is on a panel of “Field-Tested Psychics” that the A.R.E. has used in some of its programs. Today, Donita enjoys training others, helping them to explore and uncover their own intuition.”

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So When Did I Become A Medium?

I begin each day with a request that God (the Universe) will enable me to be a “channel of blessing” to all with whom I come in contact, directly and indirectly.  I further ask that I may be a “lamp of the light of the Supreme”. What is the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”?

I have been doing readings for over 10 years now and I never thought of myself as a medium, until a few years ago. Faye Katherine Barr, a clairvoyant medium, and I hosted and event with a Q&A and subsequent readings just after 9-11.  As part of my research, I discovered that a medium is defined as anyone who can communicate with those who have crossed over, and can stand in between this world and the next for the purpose of conveying messages.  Since I always look to the highest source for my readings and ask that only highly evolved and loving entities seeking to do God’s will can affect me in any way during my readings, I did not think of myself as a medium, even though once in a while a loving entity would drop by and I would convey the messages they had for my clients.   This happened rarely, however, until this past September.   A client of mine in another state hosted me for a weekend and I did 14 readings.   Twelve out of the 14 clients were seeking messages or information from someone who has passed over.  Before I could say that I might not be able to do this but would give it a try, I found myself aware of the presence of the entity sought, hearing and seeing them, and conveying the messages to the clients, with the exception of one who had committed suicide.  As for the suicide, I received messages from another or others about him.  Half way through my readings, I started kidding the hostess, saying that she should have placed another chair in the room, since I had more people than I thought I would have in these readings.

I have never had so many clients interested in getting messages from those who have crossed over, since I have not previously advertised myself as a medium.  I can only suspect that perhaps the current TV shows – Sylvia Brown on the Montel show on Wednesdays, “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer”, have sparked an interest in many with communicating with departed loved ones.   In my case, I had a few (departed loved ones) that came without the clients asking for them (out loud).  I don’t know if I evolved to this level in my spiritual/psychic development or there was just no need for me to operate on this level previously.   In any event, I believe that allowing me to be a tool for the Divine made me like a blank canvass on which Spirit uses paints from many sources to convey meaningful messages.  In short, this confirms that there is no limitation to what the Divine can do through us, if we permit Spirit to do so, and this should remind us to stop limiting ourselves and  thinking of ourselves in a very limited way.

[Editor’s Note—I asked Donita:

Are you “seeing this?  If so, how?  Is it playing on a screen in your head or does it seem actually through your eyes outside of you?  Is it one clear or vague image or is it a vague or misty group of entities and one is more clear? Do the images move or gesture as they talk?

Do you “hear” the voices?  Is it a voice in your head (audio or a “knowing”) or outside your head coming through your 3-D ears?  Is it coming from left, right, front, above or below?  Have you noticed what different directions may mean?

How much do portrayals on “Medium” or Ghost Whisperer” resemble what you’ve experienced so far?

Basically, I asked how she received the information that was being sent to her.

 Here’s her reply:]

I see and hear spirits in different ways.  Sometimes they come from behind and whisper in my ear (telepathically, but it feels like they’re speaking in my ear).  Usually it’s my right ear, but sometimes I have a feeling they are coming from behind and from left to right.  Sometimes I see things in my head – images, and I hear an explanation or it causes me to ask “Why do I see a coffin with a pink flower? (for example).  “I get the feeling a female close to you has recently crossed over?”.   Other times I see the entity (not in solid form, but more like a transparent form) in front of me and near the client for whom I am reading.

Sometime the entity will start near me and move to the client. Sometimes the entity will appear near the client and stand behind or close to the client.

The messages are telepathic, although I feel like I am having a conversation that is almost audible.  In the case of the suicide, I felt that others were giving me the information and conveyed the feeling, clairsentiently.

I do not know who was giving me the information, but since I always surround myself with protection and only allow highly evolved and loving entities seeking to do God’s will to influence me in any way, I don’t worry about it.

Many times, I just start my readings with the inner prayer “Your Will, God” (Meaning that I am asking that all things in the reading will be done in accordance with God’s will – not mine or the clients.); then I just let go and “Let God”.

This DOES NOT mean, however, that I let some other force or entity take control.  I am not a channel in that respect.  I do not allow that to occur and feel strongly that I do not want it to occur.

Ghost Whisperer is more like what I experience, when I let it.  Unlike “Medium” or the “Ghost Whisperer”, I purposely keep the door closed most of the time.  I do not feel that it is my “calling” to do otherwise.   I also know that if a circumstance arises where it is God’s will that I assist an entity, who has crossed over in some way, God will make that apparent to me and I will act accordingly.