Intuitive Donita King Teaches Students to Utilize Their Psychic Abilities

Intuitive Donita King Teaches Students to Utilize Their Psychic Abilities

“Donita King is a natural intuitive, having exhibited psychic skills from early childhood. Donita, as a child, received information in dreams, spontaneously “knew” things, and communicated easily with those who had crossed over. Growing up, she quickly learned that outside of her family this was not accepted much less understood, so she kept her abilities to herself and did not pursue training and development until after the completion of law school. She began her studies at the A.R.E. in 1995 after studying Edgar Cayce materials independently since the 1980s. She is a former officer of the Wayshower organization and is on a panel of “Field-Tested Psychics” that the A.R.E. has used in some of its programs. Today, Donita enjoys training others, helping them to explore and uncover their own intuition.”

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So When Did I Become A Medium?

I begin each day with a request that God (the Universe) will enable me to be a “channel of blessing” to all with whom I come in contact, directly and indirectly.  I further ask that I may be a “lamp of the light of the Supreme”. What is the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”?

I have been doing readings for over 10 years now and I never thought of myself as a medium, until a few years ago. Faye Katherine Barr, a clairvoyant medium, and I hosted and event with a Q&A and subsequent readings just after 9-11.  As part of my research, I discovered that a medium is defined as anyone who can communicate with those who have crossed over, and can stand in between this world and the next for the purpose of conveying messages.  Since I always look to the highest source for my readings and ask that only highly evolved and loving entities seeking to do God’s will can affect me in any way during my readings, I did not think of myself as a medium, even though once in a while a loving entity would drop by and I would convey the messages they had for my clients.   This happened rarely, however, until this past September.   A client of mine in another state hosted me for a weekend and I did 14 readings.   Twelve out of the 14 clients were seeking messages or information from someone who has passed over.  Before I could say that I might not be able to do this but would give it a try, I found myself aware of the presence of the entity sought, hearing and seeing them, and conveying the messages to the clients, with the exception of one who had committed suicide.  As for the suicide, I received messages from another or others about him.  Half way through my readings, I started kidding the hostess, saying that she should have placed another chair in the room, since I had more people than I thought I would have in these readings.

I have never had so many clients interested in getting messages from those who have crossed over, since I have not previously advertised myself as a medium.  I can only suspect that perhaps the current TV shows – Sylvia Brown on the Montel show on Wednesdays, “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer”, have sparked an interest in many with communicating with departed loved ones.   In my case, I had a few (departed loved ones) that came without the clients asking for them (out loud).  I don’t know if I evolved to this level in my spiritual/psychic development or there was just no need for me to operate on this level previously.   In any event, I believe that allowing me to be a tool for the Divine made me like a blank canvass on which Spirit uses paints from many sources to convey meaningful messages.  In short, this confirms that there is no limitation to what the Divine can do through us, if we permit Spirit to do so, and this should remind us to stop limiting ourselves and  thinking of ourselves in a very limited way.

[Editor’s Note—I asked Donita:

Are you “seeing this?  If so, how?  Is it playing on a screen in your head or does it seem actually through your eyes outside of you?  Is it one clear or vague image or is it a vague or misty group of entities and one is more clear? Do the images move or gesture as they talk?

Do you “hear” the voices?  Is it a voice in your head (audio or a “knowing”) or outside your head coming through your 3-D ears?  Is it coming from left, right, front, above or below?  Have you noticed what different directions may mean?

How much do portrayals on “Medium” or Ghost Whisperer” resemble what you’ve experienced so far?

Basically, I asked how she received the information that was being sent to her.

 Here’s her reply:]

I see and hear spirits in different ways.  Sometimes they come from behind and whisper in my ear (telepathically, but it feels like they’re speaking in my ear).  Usually it’s my right ear, but sometimes I have a feeling they are coming from behind and from left to right.  Sometimes I see things in my head – images, and I hear an explanation or it causes me to ask “Why do I see a coffin with a pink flower? (for example).  “I get the feeling a female close to you has recently crossed over?”.   Other times I see the entity (not in solid form, but more like a transparent form) in front of me and near the client for whom I am reading.

Sometime the entity will start near me and move to the client. Sometimes the entity will appear near the client and stand behind or close to the client.

The messages are telepathic, although I feel like I am having a conversation that is almost audible.  In the case of the suicide, I felt that others were giving me the information and conveyed the feeling, clairsentiently.

I do not know who was giving me the information, but since I always surround myself with protection and only allow highly evolved and loving entities seeking to do God’s will to influence me in any way, I don’t worry about it.

Many times, I just start my readings with the inner prayer “Your Will, God” (Meaning that I am asking that all things in the reading will be done in accordance with God’s will – not mine or the clients.); then I just let go and “Let God”.

This DOES NOT mean, however, that I let some other force or entity take control.  I am not a channel in that respect.  I do not allow that to occur and feel strongly that I do not want it to occur.

Ghost Whisperer is more like what I experience, when I let it.  Unlike “Medium” or the “Ghost Whisperer”, I purposely keep the door closed most of the time.  I do not feel that it is my “calling” to do otherwise.   I also know that if a circumstance arises where it is God’s will that I assist an entity, who has crossed over in some way, God will make that apparent to me and I will act accordingly.

Intuitive Skills to Care for Others

Having the genuine desire to be a channel of blessing to others is a sure way to develop intuition. Some may describe this as being attuned to the Divine and being able to hear, listen and act on the voice within, which traditional Christians may call the Holy Spirit. As I write this I hear others say “How do you know the voice or spirit within is the Divine, or Holy Spirit and not something else, like ego or worse?” If you are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, you know when you are spiritually centered and the voice within never tells you to do anything that is harmful to someone else or yourself. You learn to distinguish this voice with practice and observation of results.

My own intuitive development grew with my spiritual development. Getting the ego out of the way takes a lot of time and effort, even when you think you are doing your best. When I began to focus on helping others, not just my own self and family, my intuitive abilities began to expand and grew by leaps and bounds. There have been many occasions when I have been surprised by my and others abilities when the focus has been on being of service to others. You might naturally expect that I would get helpful information on my husband and sons, and you would be correct. But I have also received information on friends and associates with whom I am not particularly close; merely so that I could help them with some problem when the occasion arose. I use to wonder why I received such information when I was unable to see that I would have an occasion to use this information. Inevitably the occasion would arise and I could see that I was placed at the “right place at the right time” to act in accordance with the information received. My sons have been taught this and as teenagers, I was pleased to see how they are naturally applying it in their lives, their way. I have observed my older son counseling his friends using information and the perception that comes with strong, accurate intuition. The number of his friends seeking advice from him continues to grow and has been observed by teachers and church youth group leaders. My younger son who is very different, but also lives what he has been taught, is a natural peacemaker. He does not do overt counseling like his brother, but subtlely and without being judgmental gets people to look into their own actions and make adjustments; including me.

Both of my sons have had significant dreams that have assisted themselves and others, but they dream differently. My oldest son is the dreamer and has a natural ability for interpretation. He dreams a lot. My youngest son rarely dreams. However, when he dreams his dreams are powerful, not the least bit subtle or difficult to understand, and have been 100% accurate. My sons still bring their dreams to me to see what I think and they have both been very kind and accepting of their responsibility to help others when the dream is about others.

Until Henry Reed’s dream workshop, I did not believe that it was possible to dream for others. When I participated in Henry’s workshop I was one of several people who agreed to dream for an identified individual. There were nine of us in the group. All of us dreamt something for the individual without knowing what the question was that concerned him until we disclosed what we had dreamed the night before and discovered that we all dreamed essentially the same message so that we pretty much figured out what the question was before we were told.

My problem with this was that I am one who dreams often and remembers the dreams. I am accustomed to working with dreams. I often assist others, outside of my family, with their dreams.  Much like Jacob in the Christian bible. The result was that the night I participated I told myself I would dream for the individual and had many dreams and virtually no sleep!! I decided that I would not do this for anyone again. At least, that’s what I thought. A couple of occasions arose in which I relented to dreaming for some individuals who had asked for help. The lawyer in me likes to do “belt and suspenders”, in other words, using different intuitive approaches and tools to see if the information is the same, thus reducing the potential for error and increasing accuracy, I decided to dream for these individuals to check myself and information received in other intuitive manners. One thing is certain, in dreams, what you see is what you get. I have no choice but to deal with what I have been given; I can’t change the imagery once the dream is over. I must work with what I have. In each case, I am happy to say that the dream information was helpful to the individuals. I now use helpful advice I received from another intuitive. She suggested that I tell myself I will receive all the information needed to convey to the individual in question, in one dream. Duh!! This is so obvious, why I didn’t figure it out I’ll never know. That’s why it is always helpful to have good friends and colleagues with whom to discuss things. My sons really don’t ask to dream for others. They just naturally receive dreams for others, on occasion, because they are concerned about these people.

“Psychic is of the Soul” and “Fruits of the Spirit”

Edgar Cayce said that “psychic is of the soul”.[1] I understand this to mean that as one develops spiritually, so does one’s ability to receive information in a form that is commonly referred to as “psychic”, due to the individual’s attunement with the universal or divine forces, or God. When people asked Cayce what they could do to develop their intuitive or psychic abilities, he advised them to seek rather, the development of the soul in accordance with their ideal.[2] Then, according to my understanding of the Cayce information, so called psychic or intuitive abilities would be one of the fruits of such development. I have certainly found this to be true in my case. While I have had psychic occurrences since I was a child, my abilities began to expand and further develop when I became committed to my ideal, The Christ. Even when I did not realize at the time what was happening, it occurred nevertheless.

One of my earliest memories of this nature happened when I was sixteen or seventeen years old. I had bad experiences with boyfriends and as I looked around me, I saw many other females, young and old, making lifelong mistakes in selecting a mate. I did not want to become one of them. I started a prayer that lasted until I married. Specifically, I prayed that God would not let me select my mate, but that he would select him for me. I honestly confessed that I was not asking God to select my boyfriends, because I knew I would interfere and not let God do so. However, I pleaded that God NOT let me pick my husband. It never occurred to me that there was any inconsistency in this approach. I did not know how it would happen, but I was confident that God would do what I had earnestly requested of Him. He did. (Cayce talked about exercising free will and how we needed to exercise the will in accordance with our ideal.) My husband was first, my friend. It never occurred to me that we would be anything more than friends because of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. When it looked like things were going to get serious, I asked God if he was sure. I voiced my concerns about the impossibilities and the voice in side told me to wait, and that things would be very easy. I did and they were. My husband and I have been together for over thirty years. During the time we were dating, as a few obstacles appeared, I was guided, internally, as to the manner in which I should handle the situations. To use an expression that Edgar Cayce used, the “stumbling blocks” became “stepping stones”. I am very grateful for the time I have had with my husband and hope that God has in store for us many more years together.

Of note is what occurred when my husband and I had been married for about 5 years. We decided it was time to try for a child. I prayed for a child that would help our family to be a strong family unit. After trying for two years, I became pregnant and then had a miscarriage. I had been dreaming that there were two babies in pink (girls), but I would only be given one baby. We did not know I was having twins until the miscarriage. Although I was really sad, the voice inside still said that I would have a child. My eldest son was born approximately one year to the day my first child was supposed to be born. My eldest son is now 20 years old  at this writing, and everything we do as a family becomes a “family tradition”. Many times he acts as though he is in charge of the family and insists on those things he thinks are important for us to do as a unit. Changes with him have to be handled very carefully. (I have learned to be more careful for what I ask.)

The more I attuned myself to God and the Christ ideal, as a professional in my career and as a mother and wife in my personal life, the stronger my abilities became. I asked in my prayers and meditations for help in handling my various duties and demands in these very important roles that I played. I was concerned about my many hours at work and away from the family; yet, I felt guided to be where I was professionally at the time. There have been many instances when while working, I would receive intuitive information about either of my sons or my husband, and I would know whether I needed to go home or make a phone call. I also received many dreams that would prepare me for what was coming or that would alert me to something that I needed to be mindful of, like my husband’s health for example. Among my accurate dreams were a warning that my eldest son, less than a year old at the time, would be in a car accident with the nanny but would be okay, that my husband was about to be ill, and that my husband needed to look for another job because of what was happening at his current job at the time. My children knew that they could contact me telepathically if they could not get me by phone for some reason, and never hesitated to use this method, which always worked. In short, the more I attuned myself for the purposes in accordance with my ideal, the more timely assistance I received. I cannot imagine handling all the demands I had without this valuable assistance.

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Service To Others

Anyone who is familiar with the Edgar Cayce readings on psychic development, will recall that when Cayce discussed what he meant by “psychic is of the soul”, he emphasized the importance of service to others in expression of one’s ideal. According to Edgar Cayce, service was one of the soul’s primary purposes for expression of the ideal on the earthly plane. When I started to work on my psychic development, I had the idea that I would only use my talent and growing skill to take care of myself, my family and my close friends. As a lawyer, I did not dare think that I might expand this circle when using my skills. The Divine voice within, however, had a different idea.

Even before reading Cayce, the voice within very clearly communicated to me that my original idea was selfish, and that I would use my skills to help anyone that was sent to me. I will always remember hearing the words “You WILL help anyone I send to you.” At first, I thought this was fine since I had no intention of advertising and mostly keeping it quiet within a very small circle. No one was more surprised than I when people seemed to come to me “out of the blue”, from different unanticipated arenas. It was as if the Divine put a sign above my head directing people to me without my knowledge. It must have been something that others saw, because when I went to the first psychic development workshop, The Edgar Cayce Legacy, two other participants told me that they could easily see me as a Wayshower. Wayshowers are those who have taken the three psychic development workshops  taught by Henry Reed, Ph.D. and Carol Ann Liaros at the A.R.E. and who are dedicated to helping others by “showing the way” to others in their psychic development. I thought my two friends were having a “bad hair day”, which is to say, that I thought that my friends were having an “off” day and the suggestion, absurd. It was not until much later, after I had become a Wayshower for some time that I recalled what my maternal grandmother told me.

My grandmother was a strong Christian as long as I knew her and a great intuitive (psychic). She never read Cayce to my knowledge, but she certainly was a terrific example of what Cayce was talking about when he said “psychic is of the soul”. She used her skills to help people in her church.  When I was twelve years old, my grandmother told me that she had a vision when I was just 18 months old. Her vision told her that I was going to be used by God and would help many people; many more than she had in her lifetime. She would not tell me more than that and I understand now, why. I was certainly not ready to hear “how” at the time.

As I was working hard to do everything I could (prayer, meditation and practice), a test of faith occurred. It was at a time when I was still not completely sure of my abilities or skill. My husband, sons and I went to Disneyworld. My youngest son was about five years old. We were at a restaurant opposite the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride and were trying to decide what to get. I asked my youngest son what he wanted and when I looked up at the board with the menu and told my husband what my son and I wanted, I looked down again and my youngest son was gone. And worse, we heard him call my eldest son’s name, but did not see him. My eldest son ran around the area, we all did, and with a panicked voice, he said that my youngest son was in trouble.

I instinctively “checked” with my youngest son, internally, and felt that he was not in trouble, just waiting. I felt that I had some time if I could get to him quickly. I felt panic like I never felt before or after. None of my legal or other skills were of any help. My husband was about to contact security and I told him to wait a bit. I immediately sent up an irreverent prayer in which I said to God that if my intuitive skills and all that I had learned were of any use at all, they needed to work then and there, otherwise, what were they for? How could I teach others something that did not work for me when I needed it? I also asked that God help me to calm down, because I could not begin to think or use my skills in the emotional state I was in. I did calm down and something told me to close my eyes to block out distractions, stand in one spot, and turn my body like a radar detector. I did not mind looking foolish. I was a mother who had lost her child. I did as I was told (internally) and slowly began to turn. When I felt a tug on my heart, like someone pulling a rope, I opened my eyes. I only saw a crowd, but something said (the voice within) to stand my ground. I did so and after a few moments, the crowd in the restaurant parted and I could see my young son, far across the room, waiting. I ran to him and asked him why he did not tell us where he was and why he had left. He said that he saw the open table and was holding it for us. He said that he called his brother and thought we saw where he was. I admonished him to always make certain that we saw where he was going. This turned out for me to be not only a test of faith, but a reminder of the commitment made in the development of my own intuitive skills, in being of service to others.  I have never turned back since.