One of the most rewarding things I have done is to teach others how to use their intuitive skills. I was quite resistant to the idea of teaching others until I was encouraged by several close friends and clients to do so. I was also getting the internal message that it was time, and that teaching would enable me to help fulfill my purpose in assisting others in this life. What I like most is that the individuals gain much in achieving a higher level of self-empowerment than when they first entered my workshop. Thanks to HenryReed, Ph.D., and Carol Ann Liaros, who have been doing this for years, I was prepared and given substantial material with which to work. I only needed to tailor it and add a few things to make the workshops my own. There is nothing like seeing the face of individuals who do not expect to be able to do anything, after they have learned to use their own innate skills. They easily learn where their strengths are and are comfortable with not comparing themselves to others. I have taught teachers, medical personnel(doctors, nurses and technicians), lawyers, contractors, business people and social scientists, just to name a few categories. The reactions at the conclusion of the workshop are the same – “why didn’t I know this earlier?” You mean I have been doing these things (to a lesser degree) all the time?

My own sons were raised using and taught to use their intuitive skills. Because they have been raised this way, they do so quite naturally, without thinking about it. On occasions when my husband does not think to use this wonderful and always helpful resource, they quickly remind him. On the other hand, my husband of thirty plus years does think to have me and the boys use this skill in connection with important decisions. Everything from purchasing the right house in the right area for the right price, finding the best dog for the family, where to go to find the best (right) medical specialists, selecting a vacation place, etc., is done with intuitive input.

With intuitive input, you simply have more information with which to make a decision. As a lawyer, I want all the input I can get to make a determination or decision. This does not necessarily mean I will go any particular way due to intuitive input. The choices made depend on the total circumstances. It does mean that like an anonymous tip from a reliable source, I will take it into consideration. I have never regretted following the voice within. Have you ever followed your instinct or “gut” and found it was the right thing to do? How many times have you felt that something was wrong, without any facts to substantiate this feeling, only to find out later that you were correct? Have you ever“known” something was going to happen and it did? Does working with your own intuition mean that you will know everything and always be correct? Of course not! Do you know or know of anyone who is one hundred percent accurate in their job all the time? What about the best athletes? Are they one hundred percent “on their game” all the time? Do some lawyers always win their cases? Are some doctors always right in their diagnosis? I think you see the point I am trying to make. If you learn to use the intuitive skill you were born with so that you are right most of the time, you might discover value in this. How can you seriously consider a field where there are so many charlatans, con artists and manipulators? Have you heard of “shyster” lawyers, “quack” doctors and money grabbing manipulative evangelists? If so, does that mean that there are no good, honorable lawyers of social value, no excellent doctors or honest, sincere evangelists? For myself, I want as much information as possible so that I can make the best decision, with spiritual guidance. Funny thing about that – spiritual guidance. Some people think itis only good or should be used only when considering a spiritual decision. As for me and my family, we consider all decisions we make in life as spiritual, since how we live is a manifestation of our spirituality (or lack thereof). Also, we believe in the gifts of the spirit, and if the Divine wishes to bestow something good on us, or warn us of something to come, we want to make certain we are not in the way so that we can clearly receive these things. The pragmatic aspect of my nature says that we should use all that we are given. We must have this particular ability for some reason. Why not make the most of it?