One day I conducted an internet search using the terms “lawyers and intuition” to see what, if anything, would result. Of interest to me were two particular items. One was the definition of “intuition”.

“Intuition is the view of things as they really are. Our intuition penetrates the confusion of appearances and reveals the truth of interdependence. When we have a feeling about a person or experience, we are standing at the door of intuition. When we honor the feeling, the door opens”.

How true I found this statement to be. This is a succinct statement of what I know from practice, experience, and observation to be an accurate view of reality. I was both surprised and encouraged to discover that these were the words of a lawyer.

“In addition, I found a reference to a Meyers Briggs analysis of lawyers. Under the heading “Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N)” it was stated that about 70% of the U.S. population prefers sensing while 57% of all lawyers prefer intuition; 55% of male lawyers and 57% of female lawyers prefer intuition.”

Again, I was surprised that there was a study that showed a large percentage, indeed more than half, of lawyers preferred the use of intuition. While I know from over thirty years legal practice experience and observation that lawyers use intuition more than they realize consciously, I did not think many would be comfortable with admitting it in public. Perhaps those in the legal profession are ready to take this further and learn how to develop and utilize their intuition on demand; as a tool or skill in conjunction with their legal and analytical skills.

As for me, I exhibited strong intuitive skills early in my life, when I was a young child. I quickly became aware that I was the only one in my environment that seemed to be using these skills, with the exception of my maternal grandmother. She is the only reason I did not feel that something was wrong with me. I learned to hide what I knew and how I knew things, and when I heard in law school and among my friends and associates that such things were impossible and fantasy, I knew they were wrong because I had seen on numerous occasions what my grandmother was able to do and I knew what I was also able to do. I have since discovered that intuitive skills are often like other family traits. It has generally been observed and accepted that some families seem to be musical, athletic or artistic families. It should therefore not be surprising to discover that some families are intuitively skilled or talented families as well. Is this a product of nature or nurture? In my case it was nature. Unfortunately, although my grandmother was particularly skilled and told me that she knew I possessed skills like her, the only one among 40 plus grandchildren, she died while I was still very young and I did not have the opportunity to learn from her. Later, however, I found a safe and reputable place to study and develop – The Association for Research and Enlightenment (“A.R.E.”) in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Many have expressed to me over the years that it would be helpful for me to write down my experiences so that they can learn from them and, or, learn more about the potential and possibilities available to one who daily seeks to apply intuition in their personal and professional lives. Being a pragmatic person by nature, it makes no sense to me to have a talent or ability that does not have a practical use or purpose. Actually, I don’t think there is any. Also, I can honestly say that every incident described in this book as experienced by myself, intuitive clients, colleagues, or students, is completely true, without exaggeration. The simple fact is that no exaggeration was needed. Each little experience itself was great, because it occurred. Please note however, that none of the true names of the parties involved have been used in this book. All names are fictional.

So, I pass on to those seeking some examples of what can be done; things that I and others have done and experienced. This book is representative of my path and the path of others with whom I have studied and taught. You will no doubt have your own path and experiences according to your own inclination, natural talent, and level of curiosity, investigation, and determination, should you choose to do so. Should you, your path of intuition development and skill will be even more meaningful, because it is yours.

I extend to all who read and apply what may be learned from this book, best wishes for your own journey and self-discovery.