I waited a long time to have children. Since I went from high school to college and from college to law school, without a break, I felt I needed time for my husband (who I
married right after the Bar exam) and myself. We were married almost ten years before we had our first child. The good news is that I prayed and meditated throughout my
pregnancies with some very positive results. The first is that it made natural child birth easier for me. It was still painful, but easier than it might have been. At the time I was
delivering, after a long labor, there were several women in the hospital delivering that day and my obstetrician had three of us. Most of the other women were yelling so loud it
was upsetting to the rest of us. I barely made a sound and after delivering my son (I was the third on my doctor’s list that day), my doctor remarked that she wouldn’t mind delivering me any time.

I, perhaps like many women, could always “feel” my child’s presence and if they were in any stress, from the womb and continuing in the present. The only difference between me and most women is that I knew how to strengthen and develop this natural ability. During pregnancy, in the sixth month with each child, I had a series of three dreams that told me something important about the child that was to come. With my first son it was about his temper. Specifically, that I would have to teach him to control it from an early age. My son showed this temper the second day of his life, when the pacifier fell out of his mouth and moved away from him. Since he had no control over his muscles, he could not reach it. He became so angry, he raised his head and screamed, turning beet
red. My mother happened to be in the nursery looking in at him at the time, and she called the nurse. The nurse said that it was impossible for my son to have the ability to raise his neck as he was doing, because infants lack control of their neck muscles. My mother simply replied that he was too angry to know that. I am happy to say that we have worked very hard in helping him learn to control his temper and he has done very well in this capacity.

With my second son, my dreams indicated that he would be a natural intuitive and I would have to train him, early. I thought this might have just been wishful thinking on my part, or hormones, so I went to see a reputable intuitive to whom I had been referred at the time. He knew nothing about me, but started out by saying that I already knew about my child. I told him that might be so, but I needed to hear what he had to say. He confirmed what I thought. My younger son started displaying his intuitive abilities at 6 months, when I tried a telepathic experiment and he responded. This was the push I needed to stop delaying my own intuitive development and training. If I was to do the job that was intended, I needed to work on myself. I could probably write a book just about
what my son has done without knowing that he was doing anything different from most people.

Following is a small and humorous example of my son’s display of intuitive skills at an early age. One day my family was visiting a strip mall. I wanted to look at something special in a particular store, and left my husband and sons agreeing to meet at a particular store at a designated time. At the time agreed upon, I realized that I had taken too much time window shopping in other stores and my family would be looking for me. I therefore hurried to the store I wanted to look in and zipped up and down the aisles trying to find what I was looking for. In the meantime, my husband had my then three year old son on my husband’s shoulders. My husband always used my son as a “mommy finder”. My husband asked my son where mommy was. My son said in the particular store agreed
upon. My husband asked where I was in the store, and my son said he didn’t know, he couldn’t find mommy. My husband became concerned because my younger son could always find me, and started to leave the store to look elsewhere. My son asked my husband where he was going and my husband replied that he was leaving because my son said he couldn’t find mommy. My son, exasperated with his intuitionally challenged father, said “I don’t know what aisle she’s in; but she’s in this store!” My husband then turned around, went back in the store and saw me approaching. I had been going so fast up and down the aisles, my son had a hard time tracking me. It took some time for me to get my son to understand that his father was not like us (my son and I).

My poor husband deserves a lot of respect, credit and sympathy for dealing with his unusual wife and son. When I was pregnant, he didn’t have a thought to himself, and I did not realize what I was doing. I could hear his thoughts as though we were having a conversation and would comment. He would just respond. One morning during the pregnancy with my first son, when my husband had just got out of bed and was preparing to get some coffee, I asked him when he was going to tell me something about a certain thing that had me upset. There was no way I could possibly have known about the subject, and my husband was trying to keep me from worrying. He merely shook his head and said “I can’t wait for you to have this baby”. It was not until then that I realized what
I had been doing, but I didn’t know how to stop it. After pregnancy things got back to normal and I was able to control my tendencies. I guess this means that hormones may play a role in intuitive abilities. You think?

I get a great deal of satisfaction teaching parents how to be closer to their children and mates. Especially in this time we are living. While it does have its negatives, (there are times you don’t want to hear from your children), I don’t know how I would function as a mother without these abilities. I would feel as though someone had placed their hands over my eyes. It would be very uncomfortable (unnatural) for me.