Having the genuine desire to be a channel of blessing to others is a sure way to develop intuition. Some may describe this as being attuned to the Divine and being able to hear, listen and act on the voice within, which traditional Christians may call the Holy Spirit. As I write this I hear others say “How do you know the voice or spirit within is the Divine, or Holy Spirit and not something else, like ego or worse?” If you are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, you know when you are spiritually centered and the voice within never tells you to do anything that is harmful to someone else or yourself. You learn to distinguish this voice with practice and observation of results.

My own intuitive development grew with my spiritual development. Getting the ego out of the way takes a lot of time and effort, even when you think you are doing your best. When I began to focus on helping others, not just my own self and family, my intuitive abilities began to expand and grew by leaps and bounds. There have been many occasions when I have been surprised by my and others abilities when the focus has been on being of service to others. You might naturally expect that I would get helpful information on my husband and sons, and you would be correct. But I have also received information on friends and associates with whom I am not particularly close; merely so that I could help them with some problem when the occasion arose. I use to wonder why I received such information when I was unable to see that I would have an occasion to use this information. Inevitably the occasion would arise and I could see that I was placed at the “right place at the right time” to act in accordance with the information received. My sons have been taught this and as teenagers, I was pleased to see how they are naturally applying it in their lives, their way. I have observed my older son counseling his friends using information and the perception that comes with strong, accurate intuition. The number of his friends seeking advice from him continues to grow and has been observed by teachers and church youth group leaders. My younger son who is very different, but also lives what he has been taught, is a natural peacemaker. He does not do overt counseling like his brother, but subtlely and without being judgmental gets people to look into their own actions and make adjustments; including me.

Both of my sons have had significant dreams that have assisted themselves and others, but they dream differently. My oldest son is the dreamer and has a natural ability for interpretation. He dreams a lot. My youngest son rarely dreams. However, when he dreams his dreams are powerful, not the least bit subtle or difficult to understand, and have been 100% accurate. My sons still bring their dreams to me to see what I think and they have both been very kind and accepting of their responsibility to help others when the dream is about others.

Until Henry Reed’s dream workshop, I did not believe that it was possible to dream for others. When I participated in Henry’s workshop I was one of several people who agreed to dream for an identified individual. There were nine of us in the group. All of us dreamt something for the individual without knowing what the question was that concerned him until we disclosed what we had dreamed the night before and discovered that we all dreamed essentially the same message so that we pretty much figured out what the question was before we were told.

My problem with this was that I am one who dreams often and remembers the dreams. I am accustomed to working with dreams. I often assist others, outside of my family, with their dreams.  Much like Jacob in the Christian bible. The result was that the night I participated I told myself I would dream for the individual and had many dreams and virtually no sleep!! I decided that I would not do this for anyone again. At least, that’s what I thought. A couple of occasions arose in which I relented to dreaming for some individuals who had asked for help. The lawyer in me likes to do “belt and suspenders”, in other words, using different intuitive approaches and tools to see if the information is the same, thus reducing the potential for error and increasing accuracy, I decided to dream for these individuals to check myself and information received in other intuitive manners. One thing is certain, in dreams, what you see is what you get. I have no choice but to deal with what I have been given; I can’t change the imagery once the dream is over. I must work with what I have. In each case, I am happy to say that the dream information was helpful to the individuals. I now use helpful advice I received from another intuitive. She suggested that I tell myself I will receive all the information needed to convey to the individual in question, in one dream. Duh!! This is so obvious, why I didn’t figure it out I’ll never know. That’s why it is always helpful to have good friends and colleagues with whom to discuss things. My sons really don’t ask to dream for others. They just naturally receive dreams for others, on occasion, because they are concerned about these people.