A few years after my marriage and graduation from law school, I started to work on my own intuitive development. Over the next several years and after the birth of my two sons, I made substantial progress, but I had difficulty with spiritual integration due to a very traditional, fundamentalistic Christian upbringing. I reached a plateau and was beginning to feel stifled. I felt like I was being smothered. There was something inside that was struggling to get out and I knew there was a spiritual reason connected to this “something”. I did as I always do. I prayed about it. I began to feel that I needed an earthly guide, that is, a teacher and mentor. I felt that there had to be a place where I could develop in accordance with God’s will, spiritually. Law school, Christian fundamentalists and friends who did not believe in anything they could not see and prove objectively and scientifically, could not convince me that there was not something “more” that I should be doing in this intuitive arena.

However, I grew up with a grandmother that was a strong Christian who was also a “seer”. She told me when I was twelve years old and had accepted Christ for myself, that she was not surprised. She said that when I was eighteen months old, God showed her a vision about me. She said that I would one day help many people if I follow the path set for me. Unfortunately, she died before she could tell me what it was that I was supposed to do. I was very upset with her. I missed her and the guidance she could have provided. However, I have come to realize that I was not ready to hear what I was supposed to do at that early age. It also helped to know that she was certain that I would do as I was intended, that I would find my way. Grandmom had a great accuracy record from my
observations of her abilities; and “no”, she was not always right, but the odds were in my favor.

Since I am western born, I could not relate easily to spiritual knowledge and philosophies of the east. Then, I discovered the books about Edgar Cayce. No one told me about him, I just happened to be in the bookstore one day, silently praying for something that would help me at this time, and I saw the book, “There is a River” about Cayce. Something told me to purchase this book and I did. The rest is “history” as they say. I began to feel more comfortable about my inner promptings that were getting stronger. The lawyer in me thought that there should be a practical use of this skill, and
one should be able to use it on demand. Otherwise, what good is it? Unlike my grandmother, I did not think this skill should be limited to use in and through the church. I also knew there were many charlatans and con artists in the metaphysical area, as well as “flakes”. I had no desire to be associated or have contact with any of these. So, I prayed again. In response, I began to get information, intuitively, that indicated I would meet a man, then a women who would be a teacher/mentor in this area. Also, that this man or women would be safe for spiritual development of my intuitive skills. I was getting frustrated because the same information kept indicating a man or a woman, then a man and a woman. I finally gave up asking when intuitive information indicated I would get information in the mail that would lead me to the teacher(s). I did not understand this since I had no association with anyone or any organization that would have such information. Enter the Association for Research and Enlightenment (“ARE”). Unknown to me at the time, my husband applied for membership for me, due to my reading of the Cayce books. He thought it would be good for me and might help.

The first information I received was a flier announcing the Edgar Cayce Legacy course taught by Henry Reed, Ph.D. and Carol Ann Liaros. I was ambivalent about the course at first, but my husband maneuvered me into going. He said that I had a round-trip airline ticket and could come home if I walked into a room of “flakes” or was not comfortable with what was being said and taught. I also did not want to take a vacation or time off from work, without my family. My husband said I needed to do this for myself and the family. Truer words were never spoken. My husband has always been the “wind beneath my sails” as Bette Midler’s song says. I have since taken all three workshops with Henry and Carol Ann, and they have been my informal mentors. Henry mostly with the use of dreams, and Carol Ann with the practical application of intuitive skills with a spiritual base. From the moment of the first workshop with Henry and Carol Ann, it was as though a damn inside of me had broken. I began to grow spiritually and intuitively in geometric proportions. It was the right thing at the right time for me, and was in response to serious prayer and meditation. I am eternally grateful to them both, the colleagues and new friends I’ve made through these workshops at the ARE, and the Divine spirit that led me to these. They have provided assistance in the path I am to walk in this life. Like, Cayce, when I read the bible I find deeper meaning in the words, and I am very grateful for the rejuvenation in my faith. As a result, I have been “on call” to help others and
when the occasion arises, I apply myself with prayerful meditation to doing so. I hope my grandmother’s vision comes true.