Anyone who is familiar with the Edgar Cayce readings on psychic development, will recall that when Cayce discussed what he meant by “psychic is of the soul”, he emphasized the importance of service to others in expression of one’s ideal. According to Edgar Cayce, service was one of the soul’s primary purposes for expression of the ideal on the earthly plane. When I started to work on my psychic development, I had the idea that I would only use my talent and growing skill to take care of myself, my family and my close friends. As a lawyer, I did not dare think that I might expand this circle when using my skills. The Divine voice within, however, had a different idea.

Even before reading Cayce, the voice within very clearly communicated to me that my original idea was selfish, and that I would use my skills to help anyone that was sent to me. I will always remember hearing the words “You WILL help anyone I send to you.” At first, I thought this was fine since I had no intention of advertising and mostly keeping it quiet within a very small circle. No one was more surprised than I when people seemed to come to me “out of the blue”, from different unanticipated arenas. It was as if the Divine put a sign above my head directing people to me without my knowledge. It must have been something that others saw, because when I went to the first psychic development workshop, The Edgar Cayce Legacy, two other participants told me that they could easily see me as a Wayshower. Wayshowers are those who have taken the three psychic development workshops  taught by Henry Reed, Ph.D. and Carol Ann Liaros at the A.R.E. and who are dedicated to helping others by “showing the way” to others in their psychic development. I thought my two friends were having a “bad hair day”, which is to say, that I thought that my friends were having an “off” day and the suggestion, absurd. It was not until much later, after I had become a Wayshower for some time that I recalled what my maternal grandmother told me.

My grandmother was a strong Christian as long as I knew her and a great intuitive (psychic). She never read Cayce to my knowledge, but she certainly was a terrific example of what Cayce was talking about when he said “psychic is of the soul”. She used her skills to help people in her church.  When I was twelve years old, my grandmother told me that she had a vision when I was just 18 months old. Her vision told her that I was going to be used by God and would help many people; many more than she had in her lifetime. She would not tell me more than that and I understand now, why. I was certainly not ready to hear “how” at the time.

As I was working hard to do everything I could (prayer, meditation and practice), a test of faith occurred. It was at a time when I was still not completely sure of my abilities or skill. My husband, sons and I went to Disneyworld. My youngest son was about five years old. We were at a restaurant opposite the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride and were trying to decide what to get. I asked my youngest son what he wanted and when I looked up at the board with the menu and told my husband what my son and I wanted, I looked down again and my youngest son was gone. And worse, we heard him call my eldest son’s name, but did not see him. My eldest son ran around the area, we all did, and with a panicked voice, he said that my youngest son was in trouble.

I instinctively “checked” with my youngest son, internally, and felt that he was not in trouble, just waiting. I felt that I had some time if I could get to him quickly. I felt panic like I never felt before or after. None of my legal or other skills were of any help. My husband was about to contact security and I told him to wait a bit. I immediately sent up an irreverent prayer in which I said to God that if my intuitive skills and all that I had learned were of any use at all, they needed to work then and there, otherwise, what were they for? How could I teach others something that did not work for me when I needed it? I also asked that God help me to calm down, because I could not begin to think or use my skills in the emotional state I was in. I did calm down and something told me to close my eyes to block out distractions, stand in one spot, and turn my body like a radar detector. I did not mind looking foolish. I was a mother who had lost her child. I did as I was told (internally) and slowly began to turn. When I felt a tug on my heart, like someone pulling a rope, I opened my eyes. I only saw a crowd, but something said (the voice within) to stand my ground. I did so and after a few moments, the crowd in the restaurant parted and I could see my young son, far across the room, waiting. I ran to him and asked him why he did not tell us where he was and why he had left. He said that he saw the open table and was holding it for us. He said that he called his brother and thought we saw where he was. I admonished him to always make certain that we saw where he was going. This turned out for me to be not only a test of faith, but a reminder of the commitment made in the development of my own intuitive skills, in being of service to others.  I have never turned back since.