I have never seen an angel; at least, one that fits the description of a person with white light around him or her and wings. I do believe that angels come to the aid of us mortals in the form of a person. Perhaps they are regular people who perform the function of an angel. Perhaps regular people are just a different kind of angel. I do not profess to have all the answers. Only God has all the answers. I can say, however, that I have been blessed by at least two visitations from angels in the form of regular people.

Both incidences occurred when I was in law school. Every day I would start the day with a little prayer, particularly if I were traveling. I had a car that was barely dependable, but I could not afford anything more at that time. One day while I was on the way to school and traveling at 65 miles an hour on the expressway (freeway) in Philadelphia, something told me to try my brakes. There was no reason for trying my brakes because the closest car ahead of me in my lane was a substantial distance away at that time. Still, a small voice told me to try the brakes after my initial logical refusal. I did so and discovered that I had none. I did not panic because something was clearly guiding me and I instinctively trusted that voice. It felt like someone was speaking to me from behind my right shoulder. It told me not to try to slow down, but to continue to my exit. This was not logical. Why should I continue instead of trying to slow down and bring the car to a stop along the side of the road when I could? I don’t know why but I did what the voice suggested. I continued to my exit and when I got off, the voice told me to continue. The logical side of my brain said that this was madness, but I continued and only slowed down some. There were twists and turns on this back road and there was nothing around – no houses or buildings of any kind. I continued to drive until I saw a large space beside this narrow road and pulled over and let the car stop. As soon as the car came to a stop, a man pulled up behind me. This man said he thought I was in trouble and asked what happened. I told him that my car had no brakes and he said he would take me to a gas station that was not too far away. I would never suggest doing such a thing to anyone, and would be very upset if my sons accepted a ride from a stranger. However, since I was always able to trust my instincts, I did so and this man took me to the gas station and waited for me to call someone to pick me up. Then he disappeared and I did not even get a chance to thank him.

Another time, driving this same car, I was coming home at night from school. Again, I was traveling the expressway. All of a sudden my car literally started to die. It just started slowing down. I pulled over to the side and stopped. It was the worse neighborhood possible. As soon as I stopped, a car pulled up behind me and a man got out of his car. He told me to stay in the car because cars were coming by quickly and it was a dangerous spot. He said he noticed me putting on my flashers when the car started to slow down. He said that there was a gas station just off the exit where I stopped. He would take me there and it would be safe. Again, the voice said that it would be safe to go with him. I did and he took me to the gas station. He dumped a handful of coins in my hand for phone calls (this was before cell phones) and asked the station manager if I could stay inside until someone came for me. He felt it was too dangerous for me to be by myself at night at that location. The station manager agreed. The man then asked me if I had reached someone and I said yes. I was still on the phone, giving my location. The man told me to stay inside with the manager, who would look out for me. Then the man left before I could thank him or even get his name.

There have been one or two other instances in my life where individuals seem to come out of nowhere to help me when I needed help, without my ever having to ask, and they knew just what to do. Angels?