Wayshowers are a group of individuals who have completed three specifically designed courses for intuitive development taught by Henry Reed, Ph.D. and Carol Ann Liaros at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (“ARE”). The ARE is sometimes referred to as the Edgar Cayce association. (Edgar Cayce, as many know, was what some refer to as a “western psychic” or “Christian mystic”. His reading have been preserved and studied by many in the traditional professions as well as the metaphysical field.) The ARE does not encourage people to leave their own spiritual path, but provides a place where people of various faiths can come together to research, study and apply the principles and guidance found in the Cayce readings. The certification process for Wayshowers involves the taking of  The “Edgar Cayce Legacy”, the “Intuitive Imagination,” and the “Intensive” courses taught by Henry and Carol Ann. The term “wayshowers” was taken from the Cayce readings and in this case, as the term implies, indicates one who has traveled the path in spiritual intuitive development and is showing the path to others who are led to seek such training. Contrary to what many some Christians think, this does not teach or encourage Christians to depart from the teaching or following Christ, but rather teaches one what lies behind His teaching on many levels and how to use the talent and skills given to us.

The wayshowers are composed of a diverse group of individuals who share a commitment to spiritual development and practical application of the natural gift of intuition. We share the knowledge acquired through training and our own life applications, with others by example, group application and service to our communities; including workshops and other training opportunities. We are also “there” for each other and provide support, love and encouragement to each other as we walk our paths individually and together. We are committed to seeking the highest good in all that we do and provide the way for Spirit (the Divine within each of us) to lead us.

When I took my first workshop in the certification process, I was on my own path to self discovery and spiritual and intuitional development and I thought that it would just stop there. Interestingly, I had two friends who attended with me at that time who said that they could see me in the role of “wayshower”. I kindly told my friends that they were being absurd. I was a lawyer and was not going to do anything of the kind, and that was that! Spirit obviously had other ideas. By the time I completed the last workshop, I felt the strong need to use my skills in service to others who were struggling with their own developmental needs and were looking for a safe, spiritual place to study, learn, explore and grow. In addition, when one completes all these courses and develops one’s own talent and skills, the obvious question appears, that is, “now what?”

The wayshowers provide a place to answer that question in a way that permits each individual to grow as they are led, or not. It is always the individual’s choice as to what extent they want to take advantage of from the group. At the very least, the annual meeting (gathering) provides an opportunity to network and find out what others are and have been doing. It provides an opportunity for individuals to recharge, get new and fresh ideas and practice their skills in a nurturing and safe environment. For those who might be going through some personal difficulties, there are always wayshowers available to assist. Many times the person will get help without asking. After all, that is what we are about – knowing without being told on a conscious level, with the constant intent to give of ourselves to those that could benefit by us being a channel for blessings.

I have found these gatherings to be particularly energizing. Each of us from time to time can benefit from spiritual healing as well as emotional and physical healing. How wonderful it is to be with a group of people where someone will “pick up” on your need and provide the right help, some times without even knowing. It is the openness to be used in such a fashion and seeing this constantly in motion that is so invigorating and inspiring, even if you don’t have any healing need at the time. I am presently Wayshower Counsel and former vice-president and will remain a member as long the group continues as it is and I am led by spirit to do so.