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About Donita

Donita King is an intuitive practitioner, counselor, speaker, and educator. She has taught legal and medical professionals, truck drivers, contractors, social scientists, teachers, administrators, waiters, students, real estate professionals, and others from many walks of life, to use their intuitive skills in their personal and working lives using the Edgar Cayce principles and teachings as a foundation and guideline.

Donita King is a natural intuitive, having exhibited intuitive (psychic) skills from early childhood. She is from a maternal line of intuitives and early on received information in dreams, spontaneously “knew” things, and communicated easily with those who had crossed over. She began her studies and the A.R.E in 1995 after studying Edgar Cayce materials independently, again, since the early 1980s. Her children have been raised from pregnancy (through meditations) using the Edgar Cayce principles and information obtained from the Readings.

She has helped others, young and old, as they have seen the differences living with “At-one-ment’ can make in one’s life. She has received basic and advanced training and certification in metaphysical subjects, with a focus on the practical application of intuitive skills from Carol Ann Liaros and C.C.I. (Creative Community Institute), A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment), Henry Reed, Ph.D. and the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies, from which she received her certification in Psychic Skills competence and as a Dream Guidance Mentor.

 Donita King is a former officer of the Wayshower organization and continues to act as its counsel. In addition, she is on the panel of “Field Tested Psychics” that the A.R.E. has used in some of its intuition programs, and currently on the panel for the A.R.E. Bookstore Psychic Fairs. Also, currently, she teaches a monthly class of skilled psychics in the application of their skills to grow spiritually and be of service to others; again, using the Edgar Cayce principles and Readings, as well as associated materials, as a guide and resource.

Donita has written a series of articles on the personal application of intuitive skills.

Listen to an interview with Donita on Spirit Radio.

What is the difference between an “Intuitive” and a “Psychic”?

It depends on who you ask. Some in the metaphysical field define “Intuitive” in a limited sense. To them it means someone who just knows something but doesn’t know how they know – it just comes to them.  To the public at large, an “intuitive” is not someone who has to be feared. It is an acceptable term that doesn’t suggest the person is a con artist or someone who practices the dark arts. It just means someone may have an ability that enables them to know some things without going through the usual channels of the conscious mind; an exceptional ability that most do not have.

A “Psychic” to most means someone who possesses extra-sensory perception skills. These skills may manifest in many forms – mediumship (communicating with those not on the “earthly “ plane;  psychometry (holding an object belonging to someone and discerning things about the characteristics, activities, and  history of the person to whom it belongs); clairsentience (discerning the emotions of people without direct communication with the target person; or from the environment); clairaudience (hearing information as though from an inner voice); dreams that bring information about future events or events that are happening elsewhere and outside of the dreamer’s direct knowledge) etc., just to name a few. These are skills that go beyond the five senses (hearing, seeing, touching, tasting and smelling). It is a way of getting information, possibly from the working of our brains in ways we do not yet know. However, this term carries with it connotations that suggest con artists and dark arts or magic, because of past history and how easy it is for such people (con artists and others seeking to take advantage of others by pretending to have or using such skills) to hurt people for their own profit, power, or self-gratification.

There are good and bad people in every profession and role in humanity. While it may be true that a “rose by any other name will still smell as sweet”; it is also true that people have biases that have been long established, and they still tend to judge people first by their appearances and, or, titles.

The benefit of receiving intuitive (extra-sensory) information

Decision Making

Making choices with more and complete information, one can make better decisions.


Enables one to get beyond the surface and, in turn, influences how we relate, communicate, and respond to others.

Creativity and Problem Solving

We only use 10% of our brains at present; we need to use more. Like a computer, unless you know how to access information, you are unable to obtain it readily and derive the benefits from quick and easy retrieval. A good reading may not only provide you with this information, but also enable you to draw on your own innate abilities going forward.

Whether an “Intuitive” or “Psychic”, a good person with such skills, who has been trained to discipline his or her own personal biases and filters to prevent these from interfering with the information received, can provide insightful and helpful information to individuals for that individual’s self-empowerment. Each person has such abilities to an extent. Some have more and some less. You take what you have – what you were born with, and work with it. Even those recognized as exceptional in their fields had to work hard to achieve their skill level in addition to their natural talent.

Also, keep in mind:

  2. THE GREATEST GIFT TO MANKIND IS FREE WILL. A good intuitive (or psychic) will not seek to interfere with an individual’s free will.

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